My LinkedIn profile

I am an experienced customer-facing development consultant with a solid background encompassing projects of all sizes. I am highly motivated, articulate, and am able to take ownership of projects and ensure they are delivered on time and on budget, including managing external resources where required.

I pride myself in being able to work in a flexible nature, adapting my working approach to complement those around me, and am comfortable talking at all levels within an organisation.

My current interest focuses around utilising the M-Files system to provide Enterprise Information Management solutions to customers, primarily within the UK. I am uniquely positioned to provide both M-Files implementation and consultancy, and also further development work such as customised user interfaces, scripting, integration work, reporting, and customised development centred around available APIs or extracted report data. My development work around the M-Files system has twice won EBC Group the “Custom Development Initiative Award” at the European partner meeting, at which I also presented in Barcelona in 2014.

My recent high-profile experience includes:

  • Development of highly-specialised customer- and industry-specific extensions, customisations and integrations of the M-Files Enterprise Information Management system.
  • Reporting systems utilising both off-the-shelf solutions such as SQL Server Reporting Services and also customised dashboard and reporting implementations, allowing strategic intelligence to be derived from internal workflows and business processes.
  • A UK-wide training tool for the agricultural sector.
  • The development of an industry-leading mobile document management client.
  • Design and implementation of a web-based reporting solution for the Swyx VoIP system.
  • A web-based validation tool for XCRI-CAP feeds.