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Outlook 2007 rendering bug

I’ve just come across a very strange Outlook 2007 rendering bug. I had a customer who complained that there were white horizontal line being painted across their HTML emailers. These boxes appeared a couple of times on longer emails and stayed at the same offset from the top of the emailer regardless of the content. […]

Flot custom markers

I was recently looking through client-side alternatives to some of the server-side graphing solutions and was recommended to try flot.  Flot is a jQuery plugin that allows some quite impressive graphing straight out-the-box. Flot also supports plugins (as of version 0.6) which means that, if you’re willing to look around, there’re a number of plugins […]

Handling user errors (and increase your conversion ratios)

I noticed a great tweet earlier today pointing me at an article on UX Booth. I conceed that I don’t visit that site often enough – the articles on the site are always insightful and informative. Moreover they’re also chock-full of real-world examples. Have a read of their blog post Handling user errors with care: […]