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12 TDDs of Christmas (day eight: ranges)

I wasn’t going to blog about today’s 12 TDDs of Christmas but for two reasons… Firstly: today was the first time that I added a major refactor as part of the process. Refactoring is simply another means of saying that you altered – hopefully for the better – some code that has previously been written […]

12 TDDs of Christmas (day seven: Template Engine)

I think I’ve started to turn a corner with TDD now as I found today’s exercise much more simple to approach properly. In fact, I’ve started to embrace the element of TDD which has, in the past, put me off (more on that below). That’s not to say I’m a complete convert (let’s let work […]

12 TDDs of Christmas (day four: Monty Hall, day five: FizzBuzz and day six: Recently-Used List)

I’ve just completed today’s 12 TDDs of Christmas and realised that I haven’t blogged about my experiences on days four through to today (day six). Perhaps the reasons for that will come out as I write this blog post. The code, as always, is at https://bitbucket.org/CraigHawker/12-tdds-of-christmas/. It’s fair to say that I’m enjoying some elements […]

12 TDDs of Christmas (day three: Mine Field)

I’m pretty much back on track for the 12 TDDs of Christmas as I’ve managed to find the time to complete day three’s task on the correct day (shock!). As with previous days, the code’s available at BitBucket: https://bitbucket.org/CraigHawker/12-tdds-of-christmas. Today’s task was a nice little task: to create a “hint array” for a given input […]

12 TDDs of Christmas (day two: Number Names)

So, day two of The 12 TDDs of Christmas has actually spanned into day three. I managed to get started yesterday morning but didn’t manage to get back to the PC until this morning. I’m starting to really get into the TDD approach now and will post a longer blog post along with day three’s […]

12 TDDs of Christmas (day one: Calc Stats)

I was sat downstairs in a post-Christmas haze this morning when @DavidGouge happened to tweet a link to an article entitled the “12 TDDs of Christmas“, by @TheRealBifter. For those not up on the lingo, TDD stands for Test Driven Development and is an approach to developing which focuses on writing test for how code […]