Craig Hawker

XCRI-CAP Online Validator and Generator Libraries

What is XCRI-CAP?

XCRI-CAP stands for eXchanging Course Related Information, Course Advertising Profile. XCRI-CAP is the UK standard for describing course marketing information. It shows how to structure the information, defines and names the data components and specifies the types of data permitted within each component. Its purpose is to enable information about courses and other kinds of learning opportunity to be shared efficiently between the computerised information systems used by learning providers and organisations collecting, aggregating and publishing information about courses. It is recommended by the UK government and is generally applicable across all sectors of UK education and training.

For more information I'd recommend you check out the XCRI website. For guidance on creating XCRI-CAP feeds, please refer to the XCRI wiki. For help with issues, or to ask questions relating to the standard, or questions surrounding generation and aggregation of feeds, please refer to the XCRI forum.

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What is this online XCRI Validator

The XCRI Validator is an online version of the XCRI validation libraries held within the XCRI Generator base libraries. Its purpose is to allow institutions or organisations to validate their XCRI-CAP feeds. The XCRI Validator both validates that the XML is valid (according to its referenced XSD files), but also reports issues that contravenes published guidelines within the XCRI wiki.

The first version of the XCRI Validator was written on behalf of Northampton College. In an attempt to reduce the workload required to input yearly course information into multiple online sources, Northampton College were looking at XCRI as a means to provide their course information to external entities in a structured and standardised manner. Northampton College asked Smartways to help them implement their course information as an XCRI feed.

Once the project was complete, I started to look into what I felt would have benefited me during the course of the XCRI-CAP feed development, and thus began the development of the validator and generator libraries.

The plan is, once the libraries become more mature, that they will be released as an open-source library the XCRI community for other educational institutions to benefit from. The source code to the XCRI Validator and XCRI Generator libraries will be publically available under an attribution licence - you must attribute the base library to Craig Hawker. I do not require you to release the source code of your modifications or any application that derives from or utilises the base libraries.

The availability of the source code for the generator and validator libraries is estimated in August 2010.

To validate either a Uri (existing web page) or a sample/development XML document, use the buttons below.

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Please note that the generator is not yet online.

XCRI Generator (xcricap-net)

The XCRI generator (xcricap-net) is an open-source project written in C#, hosted on Google Code, that organisations can use as the base library to produce XCRI-compliant feeds.

The library aims to provide a base library of classes that deal with the production of XCRI-compatible XML. Organisations wishing to use the classes simply implement their own Provider object that maps data within their existing databases (or data access layers) into classes within the generator codebase.

More information on xcricap-net is available at xcricap-net's Google Code homepage.